Essentials Care Package


The Essentials Care Package comes packed with:

1x Toothpaste

1x Toothbrush

1x Deodorant

1x Shampoo

1x Shower Gel

1x Body Lotion

1x Towel*

*a towel lasts longer in usage than the other goods, so less towels are needed. Accordingly, the package is reduced so you are buying a share of a towel per package. This eliminates wastage and ensures that you are not paying more than necessary.

From time to time the above items may be reviewed in line with the changing needs of the homeless (also including gender-specific items as and when needed).

Of note, the care package image is for illustration purposes only; the form of distribution of goods may differ between charities.

Do you want to set up a direct debit to donate a care package each month? Click here to set up a recurring payment.

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